Tech N9ne Kills it at Musink 2014 – Music Icon News

Tech N9ne Kills it at Musink 2014 – Music Icon News

Drinking my morning bloody-mary, I reflect on Tech N9ne’s performance last night.  As astute observers note, they killed  it!  Following the epic Transplants explosion with an alternative sound, the crowd loved every minute of it.



When I was posting up Transplants pictures last night I noticed how many other artists posted their own pictures, a true sign of respect for their work.  I can’t think of anything cooler than to have other artists’ respect.

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Musink, you continue to entertain and amaze!


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Love Canal at Musink 2014 Music Icon News

Love Canal at Musink 2014 Music Icon News

Love Canal must have been thrilled to open up for the likes of Vandals and Descendents, but they held their own in a killer night of punk rock.  There was little difference in the intensity and devotion of the crowd between all three bands.  This tells me that the promoters did a great job writing this ticket.  It was great to see fans of all ages literally head over heels in the pit.  Check out some of the Love Canal shots from Daniel.  We were too busy trying to keep boots out of our heads to get any shots when we saw them at GV30. 🙂

lovecanal1 lovecanal2 lovecanal3 lovecanal4 lovecanal5 lovecanal6 lovecanal7 lovecanal8


The Transplants Rock Musink 2014 – Music Icon News

The Transplants Rock Musink 2014 – Music Icon News

Saying that The Transplants were well-received tonight would be an understatement.  Travis Barker on drums and the rest of the crew came out hot to blow the doors off at OC fairgrounds.  Last night’s performances by Love Canal, Vandals, and Descendents were so damn hard I wasn’t sure how The Transplants would stack up.  I can’t say that I was surprised at how good they were with the likes of Matt Freeman and Tim Armstrong, and venturing into the pits was like a time machine to punk days of yore.  The crowd provided them with great energy, and people were stacked to the walls.


At points in the show there were multiple pits, which is always a sign of a good show!  The wide variety of participants made me smile.  From young punks to old, it was a great site to see.


So far the seventh annual Musink is showing itself to be a fantastic show with something for everyone.  It’s always great to see what the promotors can come up with.



trans11 trans12

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Thank you guys! What a great show!



Travis Barker’s Musink 2014 update!

The gates are opening for Saturday and we are editing the awesome shots from last night’s concerts!  Nothing like a punk rock mosh pit to restyle your fashion sense! 😀

Friday night at Musink 2014 was an epic night of classically styled punk rock with Love Canal, Vandals, and Descendents!  Thanks Travis Barker!

Get off your ass and come down for tonight’s show which includes Rittz, Tech N9ne, and Travis Barker drumming for The Transplants.  I had a chance last night to tell Barker that we were looking forward to seeing Transplants and he said, “Yeah I’m excited to play too!”

One-day tickets are only 30 bucks!

Daniel and Dave from Vandals!

Daniel and Dave from Vandals!

Thanks to all the bands for my messy hair!

Thanks to all the bands for my messy hair!


Thanks Travis! Friday night's shows turned me into a mess!

Thanks Travis! Friday night’s shows turned me into a mess!



Revolver’s Hottest Chicks in Rock Thursday, March 20, 2014 @House of Blues Anaheim

We are looking forward to Thursday night’s show at The House of Blues Anaheim!

Come join us at Downtown Disney on March 20th to enjoy Sick Puppies, Lacuna Coil, Cilver, and Eyes Set to Kill.

This will be our first time seeing Cilver and Eyes Set To Kill, but I can assure you that Lacuna Coil and Sick Puppies will NOT disappoint!  We first saw Lacuna Coil a couple of years ago with Volbeat and Megadeth.  It was a fantastic show.  We saw Sick Puppies as recently as last year’s Merry Meltdown with Korn and STP.  Pick up your tickets and get driving directions here

Check back with us at Music Icon News for great photos and stories about Southern California Events

Musink This Weekend 3/21-23/2014 @OC Fairgrounds!

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If you love art and music as much as we do consider spending your weekend at the Orange County Fairgrounds for the Seventh Annual Musink Festival March 21-23, 2014.  The three day passes are a great deal!

Musical acts include Vandals, Descendents, Transplants, and more!

We got the three day passes last year and camped on site.  It made for a fantastic weekend.

You might also want to check out the list of artists, as appointments are filling up to get inked at the show. Click here to see a list of artists.  There will be over 300 on site!

Ryan Mullins and Tim McEvoy from Art Junkies will be on site this weekend.    Check out their work and make an appointment.  You will not be sorry!

Watch Music Icon News for updates and photos on the show.


Musink 2014: Eclectic Music Meets Tattoos and Tattoo Inspired Art!

Last year the Nobles attended Musink at The OC Fair and Event Center.  We had a BLAST watching all the great bands and adding to our art collection.  We also camped out at the event, which has a nice grassy area and trees for your camper or trailer.  The folks at the venue couldn’t be nicer.

The lineup for Travis Barker’s Seventh Annual Musink Fest is looking very diverse this year.  The artists include Descendants, The Vandals, Love Canal, Tech N9ne, The Transplants, Rittz, Gorilla Biscuits, Judge, H2O, and Strife.  The bands will play over the course of three evenings from Friday, March 21st to Sunday, March 23rd, 2014.

The tattoo artist lineup of over 300 looks fantastic with featured artists including Jack Rudy, Gill Montie, Robert Atkinson, Small Paul, BJ Betts, Robert Hernandez, Tokyo Hiro,Tomas Garcia, Nikko, Outer Limits Tattoo, Ryan Mullins, and Tim McEvoy.  Several artists including many local to our high desert area are taking appointments for the dates of this event.  Is your artist attending?  Be sure to check out

What many people don’t realize is the other media that skin artists work with.  A walk through the aisles at Musink will fill your walls and wardrobe with subculture-inspired art of all sorts of media.  Paintings, clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, and more await your perusal!


Sick Puppies, Lacuna Coil, Eyes Set to Kill, and Cilver Set to Kick off Hottest Chicks in Rock Shows

We first saw Lacuna Coil during Megadeth’s Gigantour in 2012 with Volbeat and Motorhead.  I have always been picky about my female singers, and even more picky with female metal/hard rock vocalists, but Scabbia delivers.  Of course she is part of a vocal duo with Ferro, but this tour has an obvious focus on the female presence in hard rock music.


Emma from Sick Puppies


It was in December at X103.9 Merry Meltdown that we got to experience Sick Puppies.  I knew it was going to be good when some of my nearest and dearest friends threatened my life when they found out we were getting to shoot the show.  They did not disappoint, and we could not help but focus on the uber talented Anzai singing and thumping on the bass.


I can imagine that Cilver and Eyes Set to Kill are prepared to measure up to the likes of the these female powerhouses.  Keep your eyes on the Nobles as we plan on gaining access to the show at the House of Blues in Anaheim on March 20, 2014.


Lacuna Coil Webpage: 


Revolver Link: