Dickies, Perverts, and Queers at the Observatory OC 4/26/2014 Music Icon News

Dickies, Perverts, and Queers at the Observatory OC 4/26/2014 Music Icon News

Punk rock at the Observatory OC last night (4/26/2014) was a great show!  The only bad part was that Richie Ramone was sick and did not get to perform!  Music Icon News is hoping for a speedy recovery so we and other fans can check out his new shit sometime soon.

The perverts kicked off the night and got the pit rolling.  They flowed from song to song and had a great sound.

perverts1              perverts2


The Angry Samoans were their usual angry selves, although I liked it especially when the drummer came out to sing as well!

angrysomoans                        angrysomoans2


The Queers came out to tear up the stage a bit more and the pit continued to rage.  It’s always interesting how bouncers catch the females trying to get onstage but not the males.  Ah, to each his own.  I think I saw the Queers years ago, but I was inebriated.  They sounded great. 🙂

queers                            queers2




The Dickies, who were much anticipated by the crowd overall, were brutally kickass.  Plus I am always glad to see the younger generation of punks in various stages, as well as some nice grey-streaked mohawks.

dickies3              dickies4


A Sample of Dickies Photos

ALL the photos in this particular article are just a sample of what Dan shot last night at the Observatory!  Keep checking here and our Daniel Noble Photography facebook for the latest info.  Many more photos of the Dickies are coming soon!

dickies                dickies2

dickies6                     dickies7

dickies8            dickies9 dickies10            dickies11 dickies13


Please stay posted with all the best photos in the albums section of Daniel Noble Photography on facebook and flickr

If you have any questions please email us



Dickies, Queers, Angry Samoans, and Richie Ramone – Tonight at Observatory OC Music Icon News

Dickies, Queers, Angry Samoans, and Richie Ramone – Tonight at Observatory OC Music Icon News

Dickies Heads Punk Rock Lineup!

Punk rock tonight at the Observatory OC!  The Dickies will be joined by The Queers, The Angry Samoans, and special guests Richie Ramone and The Perverts!  This great lineup at a cool venue for the low price of 10 bucks!  Click here for tickets and get your ass to Santa Ana!  This is an all ages event and since you know you want to raise your kids right throw Johnny and Sally’s battle vests on them and bring ’em along.  With this classic punk line-up you can’t go wrong!


Richie Ramone’s New Album

We got to talk to Richie Ramone a bit at the NAMM show this year and he was excited about the new album and the something in my drink tour, as were all the fans waiting to shake his hand and have their stuff signed.  With a new record and a new label, fans are anxious for the experience.  Why not roll over to the OC and check it out, while seeing a killer lineup of classic punk rock?  You’d be crazy not to!


Brooklyn Bowl Vegas Venue Featuring Primus! Music Icon News

Brooklyn Bowl Vegas Venue Featuring Primus! Music Icon News

A very promising venue is happening in Vegas.  The Brooklyn Bowl promises great music, food, and bowling for a youthful clientele.  The music/bowling venue is part of Caesar’s Palace and its new Linq tourist attraction.  Linq also features a 550 foot ferris wheel with 23 pods that hold up to 40 guests each.  It is definitely a unique feature that will grace the strip area and is meant to infuse the area with more vi$itor$.  Check out this FAQ page from their website.  There will be shopping as well, because, you know, Vegas.  It is adjacent to Caesar’s Palace and its cozy rooms, and if you haven’t experienced the pools at Caesar’s you are missing out.  The central location of Caesar’s makes Vegas very accessible!  Click here for room info and rates.

Music Icon News loves the idea of a unique venue, and this certainly fits the bill, even for Vegas.  We are most excited about the upcoming Primus shows on May 1,2, and 3, since they will be the closest to our area and since there are no Primus dates in Cali. A three night pass to Primus is only 120 bucks. Brooklyn Bowl is a 2000 person venue, so that’s a great deal!  Click here to buy your tickets. Les Claypool’s Duo De Twang will be coming to California later this year with dates in Sacramento, San Francisco, and Solano Beach at one of our favorite spots, The Belly Up.  Check out the tour dates for Primus and Duo De Twang in case you find yourself in some of the other areas.

If you are not familiar with Les Claypool, Primus, or any of his other bands you are sorely missing out.  He is a front runner of progressive music, and isn’t afraid to dabble in any genre.  We have much respect for these artists, and would expect them to play at such a unique venue.  I am sure the show will be killer!

Solution 4/20 Show Anaheim House of Blues – Music Icon News


Solution Show Anaheim House of Blues

Solution 4/20 Show Anaheim House of Blues – Music Icon News


Kelly McGarry Presents LIFELINE, 80 PROOF, OKT, SOLUTION, OneHundred Proof, Locjaw and a DJ Cease.  

Get your tickets here.

After you are done hunting for eggs with the kiddies get yourself down to House of Blues in Anaheim to catch the 4/20 Solution Reggae show.  Solution reggae band has been kicking ass all around SoCal for a few years now, and it’s high time you experienced this phenomenon.  Check -Solution- on facebook and give their sound a listen.  You will not be disappointed!

We are looking forward to the other performers tonight as well!  It should be a great tie-up of your Easter weekend.  If you haven’t been to House of Blues Anaheim you are missing out on a great venue.  The workers are always great, and if you head out early enough you can kick it at Downtown Disney and get some good food or a bit of shopping done.  I like to people-watch; Disney is always a fantastic spot for diverse crowds. 🙂

Check back with us here at Music Icon News for a follow-up and photos from this 4/20 show!



Solution 4/20 Show Anaheim House of Blues – Music Icon News

Pixies Play Pappy and Herriet’s 4/17/2014 – Music Icon News

Pixies Play Pappy and Herriet’s Pioneertown Palace 4/17/2014 – Music Icon News

pixies1         pixies5

We’ve seen many shows, but this show ranks extremely high on our scale of amazing shows.  Each member of the Pixies was on point with his or her art. Vocals, guitar, bass and drums, they were all killer.  With no set list visible Pixies were clean yet spontaneous, and they played for a very respectable time of about two hours!  They didn’t miss a beat.  They flowed seamlessly from one song into another.  I recall one fan’s comment, “The mutherfuckin Pixies!” as her eyes took in the spectacle

pixies3          pixies4

I was pleased that Black Francis’s vocals have stood the test of time.  His screams were pitch perfect, his melodies rocked.  Santiago made the guitar wail, and Lenchantin and Lovering on bass and drums pounded our souls.  The intimacy of the venue let fans see them for the musical artists they are.  It was quite the Thursday night jam.

pixies2        pixies7

Pappy and Herriet’s offers an intimate venue with a wide range of music styles: rock, folk, funk, country, punk, new wave, and more.  You can say this is progressive venue for such a unique location; it sits in Pioneertown, near Joshua Tree.  Pixies performed outdoors but Pappy and Herriot’s also has an indoor venue.  A special shoutout and hearty THANKYOU to Heidi Ellen Robinson-Fitzgerald for allowing us access to this show.  It was truly one of the best shows we have seen.

pixies8       pixies9


Thank you to the Pixies for playing Pappy and Herriet’s Pioneertown Palace!  You fucking rocked it!


Bottlerock Napa May 30-31 & June 1 – Music Icon News

Bottlerock Napa May 30-31 & June 1 – Music Icon News

Music, food, beer, wine….and yes, it’s in the Napa Valley.  What more could you want?

Oh, tickets?  Click here.

The Cure, Outkast, Eric Church, Weezer, TV on the Radio, LL Cool J, The Fray, Sublime with Rome, Heart, and Blues Traveler are only a few in the fabulous lineup for 2014.  There are 60 bands playing!!!!!

Local hotels are available and biking to the event is encouraged, but there will be a variety of shuttles and conveniences to make your stay and play well worth the trip.  Get the lowdown at this link.

Tell ’em Music Icon News sent ya.

Lebowski Fest Los Angeles April 25-26, 2014

Lebowski Fest Los Angeles April 25-26, 2014

Dude, it’s already the sixteenth.

New shit has come to light.

If you’re planning on going to Lebowski Fest Los Angeles you better grab your beverage and head over to this link and see if you can remedy your ticketless problems.  Mark it, dude.

We can’t wait to see Kyle Gass Band perform as well as Jeff Bridges and the Abiders.    It’s a natural, zesty enterprise.  There will be achievers on hand.

Friday night at the Wiltern is sold out, (condolences), but Saturday is still available.  Saturday you can meet the real dude, do some bowling, and wear your best robe or bowling-pin headdress and fit right in.  In fact, we got ’em working in shifts.

Wild West Fest With Steam Powered Giraffe 2014

Wild West Fest With Steam Powered Giraffe 2014 Music Icon News

DSC_0125011 DSC_0132018

By Renata Kelley

From the moment the town opened, Calico was a hub of activity this weekend. Upon walking into the town, one found him or herself lost among a sea of top hats and clockparts. Sarsaparilla flowed freely, and the day was punctuated with gunshots as men and women in period clothing showed off their weaponry to a wide-eyed crowd. The town itself had been transformed into something out of an H. G Wells story as steam hissed out of buildings.

DSC_0128014 DSC_0171046 DSC_0172047 DSC_0202077

The vendors brought their finest crafts, each carefully built out of clock parts, glass, leather, and whatever else the artist could manage to get their hands on. The artist were also quick to share tips with patrons on how their pieces could be duplicated, bringing the steampunk family together. Patrons and artists could be heard bartering and striking deals throughout the day, discussing the pros and cons of having cogs on their lapels.

DSC_0226100 DSC_0239113 DSC_0244118 DSC_0258132

Entertainment could be found all over the town, from stilts to sword swallowing, with Poplock Holmes performing at the top of the town for anyone and everyone, and Dino Straats astonishing people of all ages.

Perhaps the most important part of any steampunk event is a good costume. Fortunately, everyone brought their A-game when it came to costumes. Ladies fanned themselves or perched under parasols, while gentlemen tipped their hats to each other andlittle kids ran around in smaller, adorable versions of what their parents had on. Have youever seen a three year old wearing a bowler hat? If not, put it on your bucket list.


As the sun grew closer and closer to the horizon, the crowd around the stage where Steam Powered Giraffe was going to play grew and grew, fans just happy to be watching The Spine, Rabbit, Hatchworth and Steve check their equipment and crack jokes. By the time the stage was opened and seating began, the line of people wanting to see the show stretched across the town. There weren’t nearly enough seats, so people sat or stood all over the hillside. No one was letting anything put a damper on his or her spirits.

The robots on stage put on a high-energy show; chock full of humor, heckling, laughter, and of course…music! Fortunately the automatons had the Walter Girls on hand, because there were a few malfunctions, where steam poured out of the backs of the robots, or their voices changed drastically. At one point, the robots were so scrambled, they could only speak Japanese, much to the delight of the crowd. After a full song in the language, Steve managed to sort them out so they could play an Encore for the fans.

DSC_0318192 DSC_0324198 DSC_0495368 DSC_0567439

The entire event was well orchestrated, with never a dull moment or a sad face. Thank you to the organizers of the event, the entertainers, the workers, the vendors, aand of course, the people that showed up for fun! If you didn’t make it, don’t fret. We’ll see you next time!

DSC_0217091 DSC_0218092

Rabbit has her eye on you!

Rabbit has her eye on you!

For more photos of this event, please click here to visit our facebook page.

Also look for the interview of Rabbit and The Spine from Steam Powered Giraffe to be posted shortly!

Calico Ghost Town’s Wild West Fest – Music Icon News

Calico Ghost Town’s Wild West Fest  – Music Icon News

By Renata Kelley

Calico Ghost Town, California’s Silver Rush Ghost Town, will be holding an event known as the Wild West Fest during the weekend of April 12th, 2014. The popular and quirky band, Steam Powered Giraffe will be headlining the show Saturday evening at 6:00 pm.

Located in Yermo, California, Calico is the former hub of California’s production of Silver. Now without a mining population, Calico serves as a landmark for people all over the world to revel in the beauty of the desert surrounding the area, and to partake in a culture that could otherwise be lost in today’s increasingly more modern society. Thanks to Walter Knott, the buildings have been restored to the glory they once held during 1880s, providing a safe and fun environment where learning and play can coexist for people of all ages.

The annual Wild West Fest helps forgotten times merge with the new age with distinct steampunk features. Steampunk culture combines technology and art from the 1800s with the advances reached today resulting in a sub genre of science fiction where steam powered creations are seen rather than futuristic technology.

Steampunk is an inspired movement of creativity and imagination. With a backdrop of either Victorian England or America’s Wild West at hand, modern technologies are re-imagined and realized as elaborate works of art, fashion, and mechanics. If Jules Verne or H.G. Wells were writing their science fiction today, it would be considered “steampunk.”

-Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences

The Wild West Fest will bring steampunks, automatons, science fiction fans, and people that just want to have some fun together in an incredible and memorable event where one will be able to witness gunfights, literature, art, theatre groups, and period clothing. A fantastic event for the entire family, this will be worth jotting down in your calendar!

If you plan on attending the WWF, you can expect to see airships flying around the sky, (weather permitting) and exquisite steampunk performers such as

Scientific Xcavators Xploring Yesteryear, presenting panels about Victorian Death Practices, Victorian Photography, and Victorian Slang!

Ted Shred Fire Manipulator

Kelvikta The Blade

Pyro Gypsy

Pico Pistolero

Jack Wizafer/Cottage Emporium, a make-and-take steampunk epaulettes class (first 25 patrons sign up in town hall at 10am)

E-Steam De Corps


…And of course Steam Powered Giraffe! A troupe of “robots” and humans, SPG will bring you classic songs in the most imaginative way. Each show is guaranteed to be a blast of entertainment for all ages, whether you’re made of metal or not! Check them out at their website http://www.steampoweredgiraffe.com/. Expect an epic performance from them and each of the diverse and talented performers.


When you arrive at the event make sure you have cash for admission and refreshments, sun block, and of course make sure your goggles are strapped on tight, your top hats are spiffy, and your cogs are well oiled!








Devo to Play Two Shows in Southern California – Music Icon News

Music Icon News – Devo to Play Two Shows in Southern California

I was shocked to hear that Bob Casale (Bob#2) of Devo died in February of this year.  Devo was one of the first bands that I truly loved.  When I was in the hospital as a small kid I remember telling a nurse I felt like I was in Devo because of the paper outfit they made me wear.  The nurse smiled and wrote DEVO on my paper-covered chest.  He said, “We are not men.  We are Devo.” I knew immediately that guy was my friend.

The Devo shows are expected to showcase some of their early, more experimental music.  I am looking forward to songs like “She didn’t know I was a midget” and “Mongoloid”.   These shows will be the first without Bob #2.  The shows were planned before Casale’s death.  The hits are always great but getting to hear their hardcore stuff will be awesome! With only ten shows on the docket, fans better get it together!  I already got my tickets on presale for both shows in SoCal.  Tickets officially go on sale this Friday, April 4th, 2014.  Meet and greet options are also available!

Their irreverent new wave style is appreciated and respected by many genres of music, and their undeniable sound continues to inspire generations.  Now is your chance to see them live!  With two dates in SoCal occurring at two fantastic venues, fans would be out of their energy domes if they didn’t adjust their schedules and get to either the Belly-Up Tavern in Solano Beach or the Wiltern in Los Angeles.  If you have never been to the Belly-Up you better fix that! Located in Solano beach near Encinitas, you are guaranteed to have great views, food, and music! Be sure to check all of the dates below to see if you may be closer to one of the other options!

Devo tour dates:

6/18 Baltimore, MD – Ramshead
6/19 New York, NY – Best Buy Theatre
6/21 Chicago, IL – Arcada Theatre
6/23 Denver, CO – Summit Music Hall
6/25 Seattle, WA – Neptune
6/26 Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom
6/28 Oakland, CA – Fox Theatre
6/29 Los Angeles, CA – Wiltern
6/30 Solana Beach, CA – Belly Up
7/2 Austin, TX – ACL/Moody Theatre

Click here to donate to Bob Casale’s Family Expenses